Melcheds advises Sungrow on the Solar Inverter Supply Contract for Mercury Renew's 650MWp Hélio Vargas Project, located in Várzea de Palma - MG.

Melcheds Advogados was responsible for the passive management of ZOOMP S/A, acting to handle charges that do not have the necessary legal requirements and advising discussions about the competent court to expropriate its assets, since the company is in bankruptcy proceedings.

Melcheds Advogados advised PetroMais private investors in the drafting, review and negotiation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement in the acquisition of the company by Participações Multiestratégia - Investimento no Exterior. It established the terms and conditions for the acquisition of 49% of the share capital of Petromais.

The company owns Campos de Garça Branca, an onshore oil field located in the state of Espírito Santo.

Melcheds Advogados advised Fadel Holding Ltda's private investors on the sale of 75% of their shares in Fadel Holding Ltda. to JSL S;A., a Brazilian transportation and logistics group.

JSL is currently the largest road transport company in Brazil and has numerous branches throughout the country. In 2015, the company had a total turnover of 8.5 billion reais.

Melcheds Advogados advised private investors of IMED Saúde in the acquisition of a 25% equity interest in Symphonia Participações Ltda. and a 3% in HTI Participações Ltda., both members of the IMED Saúde group, the largest provider of ICU services in the State of São Paulo.

The transaction was particularly important as it was negotiated and closed during the coronavirus pandemic, and as IMED is the largest ICU medical services company in the State of São Paulo (which concentrates the largest number of cases of infected people in Brazil), the company handled the acquisition while facing an unprecedented health crisis.

Melcheds Advogados advised Vox in the drafting, review, and negotiation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement between the private investors of Vox Frotas Locadora S.A. and Movida Participações S.A., through which Movida acquired 100% of Vox's capital stock.

Vox has a fleet of approximately 1,800 vehicles and in 2019, reported net revenues of R$47 million.

Melcheds Advogados advised investors of PM3 in the acquisition of the company by Alura. PM3 is a reference school specialized in digital product courses in the Brazilian market, with more than 110 hours of content about product management.

Melcheds Advogados advised Filipinas Empreendimentos Imobiliários in the acquisition of the real estate properties of Grupo Paschoal Thomeu, which owns, among others, Folha Metropolitana de Guarulhos. The acquisition required a complex and strategic negotiation in order to adjust the initial Restructuring Plan, requiring three official creditors' meetings.

The acquired areas are located in a strategic region of the City of Guarulhos, State of São Paulo, with a total area of 1,500,000.0m², which will be converted into real estate enterprises, with commercial and industrial lots.

The acquisition covered complex environmental and real estate issues involving regularization and land disputes, since part of the area is occupied by the Movimento dos Sem Terra (Landless Movement).

Melcheds Advogados advised Sungrow on all legal matters including, but not limited to, the regulatory analysis of environmental issues in the acquisition of photovoltaic projects. The company is in the process of acquiring at least 10 photovoltaic power plants and we are responsible for assistance related to the acquisition's environmental issues.

Currently, Sungrow is a company valued at over $1.5 billion. It is one of China's leading technology companies, responsible for the production, sale, and service of solar and wind power supply devices.

Melcheds Advogados assisted Metso in a complex Environmental Remediation Procedure for a steel mill located in the city of Sorocaba. We took part in a complex negotiation with the competent environmental authorities and provided legal assistance with the relevant documents to be executed by the parties.

Metso is a leading global supplier of sustainable technologies for the process industries, with more than 15,000 people and presence in over 50 countries.