ANEEL - Public Consultation n. 35/2020

The National Agency of Electrical Energy - ANEEL opened today ( May 27, 2020) the Public Consultation No. 35/2020, to receive subsidies and contributions to improve the Normative Resolution that will regulate Decree No. 10,350/2020 (Covid-19 Account), regarding the financial aspects that the state of public calamity and public health emergency, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, has caused in the concessions and permits for distribution of Electrical Energy.

The Covid Account, regulated by Decree 10,350/2020, arose to circumvent the effects and financial impacts that the pandemic brought to the agents of the Electricity Sector. This way, mechanisms were established to inject liquidity into the sector and soften the impact of future increases in energy prices.

For more details about the Covid-Account, access here the frequently asked questions and answers prepared by ANEEL link.

In the first phase of the consultation, contributions can be made until June 1, 2020, using the form available on the Agency's website.

Our Energy team is available for further information about the public consultation in question.




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